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Understanding People Through Systems

Empathy and Design

Adaptive Design

Our Adaptive Design Package uses a combination of layouts, design elements, and visual language components to determine over time how each person using your site best understands it. It‘s powered by the same advanced automated learning technology used by much larger sites. With modern systems, even a simple brochure site can take advantage of automatic remixing and feed integrations to keep people engaged, knowing that every site visit will be unique, and your brand will always be fresh in their minds.


For any size business, our Continuity services provide backups of files, system and network configurations, e-mail, and any other data your organization needs. We also provide update times ranging from immediate to daily or even weekly, depending on your needs. Our backup agent software can run on your network, your laptops, and your workstations, and can even send backups taken while offline.

This service provides restoration to any point in time within your recovery window, with special support for Windows, Linux with ZFS or BTRFS, and most databases point-in-time recovery. All of the options can be configured from our agent or from the web, and company-wide policies can be set for any device.

Knowledge Curator

Another featured offering we have is our Knowledge Curator. Many small businesses have been computerized for quite some time, through several generations of systems, hardware, and software. Through that time, a collection of older hard drives, computer systems, and large collections of documents is amassed with no really good way to understand what‘s there, how many different copies of each there are, who wrote them, and how they‘ve changed over time.

Our Knowledge Curator system is an intelligent solution which starts with the usual text and other content indexing, but then goes several steps further. By adding documents to it, it learns what the different kinds, topics, authors, and other groupings there are. It can also find the lineage of each document through time, and can then show you a visual representation of your collection.

You can also tag, annotate, and add notes to individual documents, versions, collections, and any other combination. The system learns as you do this, too, so it‘ll start automatically classifying new and old files as you add them.

It can be set up on your internal network, or we can host it over our highly-secure VPN that can be accessed from anywhere you‘re working from. Each client‘s data is encrypted with a different key, and can support access policies from a single log-in to a full rules-based system that can grant access by individual people or groups to specific versions, time ranges, content keywords, or anything else you‘d like.

We also snapshot these collections hourly, and archive these snapshots to several off-site locations daily so that we can always recover from a system failure.

So, if you‘ve got a document problem, we have a Knowledge Curator ready to help.

About Us

We‘re a small group of young and bright people with a strong background in implementing beautiful web sites and applications, machine learning, and visual sociology. We apply our breadth and depth to making even small sites adaptive and accessible to the people using them.