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Deep analytics for deeper understanding

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The first step in this process is understanding you, your history, your future, and especially your people. Every business, every organization, from the owner to the customers, is a unique culture. Even on a small, simple site, reflecting that is important, and bringing it out even on the smaller and more immersive devices people are using breathes life into what would otherwise be an electronic brochure.

We then take our notes, define a set of core artistic values, try them on our mobile devices, and find the ones that can be recombined in any number of ways. We create different expressions typography, colors, layouts, elements, and even the shapes and curves of the buttons and the images. Then we test them on larger and smaller screens in different combinations, and come up with a core visual design palette.


The next stage is deploying them on our unique platform. This is the heart of the Adaptive Site system. We give it the components, the content, and what we think are the best combinations. It then will present each person with a slightly different combination, but to start with, always the same combination.

Now, as people visit your site, the system studies which elements they engage with, where they spend their time, where they come from, and so on. All of this is done with the browser fully anonymizing the person before sending any data to our system. All we know is that it‘s the same person as before, and in some cases, we don‘t know that. But we don‘t need to, and we definitely don‘t want to.


After a certain amount of learning, the system has enough insights to start seeing patterns in the behaviors of people. It then uses these insights to start providing different people with the combinations they‘ve had better experiences with. It‘s still learning, but now it‘s also experimenting to adapt and understand your people better.


People seeing the same site repeatedly start to feel like the organization has stagnated. And this is definitiely something to avoid. So before a person reaches that point, the system will subtly change the site over a period of time, so there‘s always something novel and interesting, even if the person doesn‘t always know what.

Campaigns and Content

This system also will interpret and track the standard campaign information from various platforms, as well as other custom dimensions, and add these to the learning data. As you run campaigns through different media platforms, the system learns about these new people as well, and uses these insights to help you understand the impact your campaigns have on the new people coming into your community.

Visual Understanding

Without being able to understand this complex multidimensional machine model clearly and concisely, the amount of deep knowledge you‘d need to have is overwhelming. And this is where Visual Sociology enters into the picture. There is almost always a clear, small set of variables that model the changes of your community. Our system identifies these variables, and shows them in clear, simple visual representations, including not only how they change over time, but also how the set of variables changes.

Then, by showing a timeline of different campaigns it detected, changes in the people visiting, and changes in the technologies people use to view your site, the impact of each campaign you run, each new article, or feature, or service you offer can be put into the greater context of it‘s impact on your growth.


All packages include:

  • The Design Elements.
  • The Adaptation Engine.
  • Authenticated access to the content editors via most social media accounts and via e-mail with multi-factor authentication.
  • A year of hosting5, after which the hosting fees revert to our standard monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual rates.

Standard Packages



  • Elements — $125

    Sometimes the sets of elements that come standard aren‘t enough, or you have more ideas to try out. We‘ll gladly add additional sets of them to the mix.

  • Images — $25

    For images, you can have as many as you‘d like for a small fee each for storing and managing the licensing paperwork.

  • Media — $250

    If you host media, such as audio or video, we can set up our standard media library which includes:

    • Transcoding for the different browsers and connection qualities[1, 5].
    • Extracting, indexing, and editing metadata tags.
    • Content title and detail information.
    • Our fully themed embedded media player.
    • Detailed information about media playback.
  • Shopping — $300

    For selling goods, including payment processor integration with our standard processor, you‘ll get:

    • Anonymous and authenticated orders.
    • Authentication by Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and several other social media sites which adds profiles that include:
      • Funding source management
      • Shipping and Billing Address management
      • Multifactor Authentication via app, text, or e-mail
    • Real-time order notifications by e-mail or text.
    • Secure order management.
    • Inventory tracking.
    • Catalog management, including descriptions, codes, images, and stock levels.
    • Discount codes
  • Services — $500

    As with Shopping, sometimes you want to sell subscriptions or services. For this, you‘ll get the same base package, with the following additions:

    • One-time and recurring services.
    • Invoicing and billing.
    • Payment terms management.
    • Deposit and milestone billing.
  • 1Media Licensing
    • All content and landing pages include three images each.
    • The images can be provided by the client or selected by us.
    • The color, layouts, and other visual elements will be selected to suit the images.
    • All images and media must be properly licensed:
      • Images we provide will be licensed and documentation provided at time of image selection.
      • Images provided by you will need accompanying license documentation included at time of image selection.
  • 2Contact Pages
    Contact Pages include:
    • An editable company name, address, phone number list, e-mail list
    • An embedded map and directions element.
    • An information request form with configurable topical fields.
  • 3Team Pages
    Team Pages include:
    • A responsive card for each team member.
    • Editable name, title, contact information, optional image, and description.
    • Editable permalinks to each person‘s card.
  • 4Knowledge System
    The Knowledge Base is a section that‘s for your own documents, pages, cross-links, tags, and anything else you want to add or manage on the site. Features inclued:
    • Fully indexed text searching by title, tag, and content.
    • Adaptation Engine includes analyses of these pages as well.
    • Automatic rename tracking so old links to existing content will be redirected automatically.
    • Automatic deletion tracking so links to deleted items are redirected to either the Knowledge Base landing page or the search page.
    • Automatic related document suggestions and adaptive tagging.
  • 5Media Files
    Since media files can be considerably larger than most others, we do have to charge a nominal fee for the increased storage space. The current rate as of July 28, 2017 is $10.00 per GB ⨯ month. This does include our standard triple-redundant storage, transfer up to 5 TB/month, and our standard regular snapshot and redundant off-site warm and cold backups.